Sonntag, 14. Januar 2007

Das erste Jahr - The first Year!

Endlich habe ich es geschafft, die Bildergalerie für das erste Jahr fertigzustellen. Ihr findet es in den Sidebars unter Bildergalerie. Es sind relativ viele Bilder trotzdem war es ganz schön hart, aus den Millonen Bildern, die wir im ersten Jahr gemacht hatten, die geeigneten auszuwählen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Anschauen und würde mich über Kommentare freuen.

Hmm, sehe gerade, die Kommentare der ersten 7 Bilder sind weg...ich werde das heute abend richten. Komisch!

UPDATE: Alles ist wieder in Ordung. Scheinbar habe ich mich selbst abgeschossen.

Finally the picture are ready. I put a galery of picture of the first year of the girls in my sidebar. This are pretty much pictures, allthough I found it very hard to choose just so few....There was no possibiliy to better separate the german from the english comments, sorry for that. Hope you enjoy the pics and would love to read your comments.

Just recognized that the comments of the first seven pictures disappeared, I don't know why. I'm going to fix that tonight.

UPDATE: Everything is fine. Obviously I made a mistake by myslelf...I told you I just started blogging....


  1. Such cute, sweet pictures of your girls & family :) You are very blessed :)

  2. Hi Conni,
    thats so sweet of you. I want to put you on my linklist as well, is it ok for you?

  3. Mein Gott, sind das zwei süße Mäuschen.
    Aber daß das mega anstrrengend war, kann man schon an Hand der Bilder ein wenig nachvollziehen.
    Super gemacht. Meinen Respekt!!

  4. I just happened by your sight I love it your girls are beautiful!

  5. Hey there,
    I saw your name and it caught my eye. I had a friend name Ute. I wondered if you were her. Decided to comment anyways!!

  6. PS- Feel free to stop by my blog. I am a momma of 3. So we have kids in common:)

  7. I love the pictures! You are so blessed with two beautiful twin girls! It's neat that you are a twin yourself! I am so glad that you have also put english in your blog! Now we can enjoy the stories along with the photos! I am also teaching my 6 year old a little German. Such as the months and days!

  8. That's perfectly fine for you to add me to your linklist, Ute. Thanks :)

  9. @Tina
    thanks for leaving this nice comment on my blog. I cheched three blogs. I'm really busy at the moment with very little time, but I will check out your blogs an leave a comment. I'm so surprised that suddenly I have so many comments on my blog from other countries.

    well I'm glad as well for the decision to blog in english, never had such a number of comments before and I'm very glad of this. You teach your son german words, thats great, have you any connections to Germany? If you are in need of new words, I gladly help out..:-)))
    Haver a nice evening!

    Great! I'll do this right away!