Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2007

Warten auf den Orkan - Waiting for the hurricane

Hier ist noch alles relativ ruhig. Wir haben alles verrammelt und warten, was der nachmittag und der Abend bringt.

They are especting a hurricane today all over Germany. It already reached the noth sea and will arrive here in two hours and will last till midnight. At the moment erverything is calm. I hope this will not be too bad.

I blog this just in english, because all german friends know what is going on.

It is now 8.20 p.m. and things are getting worse in the country. There is no train running any more all over Germany. Several large cities experienced a total blackout. I read in the news about several victims of the storm.
Here, were I live things are not as bad as expected, it's rather a stromfront than a hurricane, though the peak is expected to be during the oncoming night with heavy rain. We heard that the front of the storm turned eastwards, we are in the south, so we might be lucky. This is the heaviest storm Germany has faced in the last 20 years. As you know, Germany has a very small coastline, we rarely experience things like that.
Everything rattles and rumbles outside, but till now we are safe.


  1. Oh, how terrible! I hope everything will be ok~I'll say prayers for you & your family that it's not too bad. Take care :)

  2. Hi liebe Ute!

    Ich werde mir jetzt direkt Dein Blog speichern, sonst find ich ihn nie wieder *schäm*.
    Klar, darfst Du mich auf Deine Linkliste setzen, ich freu mich!

    alles liebe

  3. I heard about the horrible storm over there!! I have a very good friend that has been living in Munich for over a year, and I was talking to her today...I hope you and your family can stay safe!!

  4. Thanks Connie and becca,
    till now everything is ok here in this part of Germany, we have very heavy winds and rain but we will be safe inside. Thanks for your concern, we really are relieved.

    Hallo anja,
    ich freu mich auch! Ich kan nicht glauben, wo du die Zeit für die Sachen herbekommst mit deinen zwei Mäusen und dem Hausbau. Laß dich nicht wegwehen!