Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

Nur ganz kurz - just a quick note

Morgen muss ich mal wieder nach Köln. Bahhh daß heißt ich muß um 4 Uhr aufstehen, um den Zug um 6.00 Uhr zu erwischen und dann um 9.30 in Köln anzukommen. Und das alles wegen 3 Stunden Besprechung. Vor 8.00 Uhr abends werde ich trotzdem nicht daheim sein. Den Mädels habe ich heute gesagt, daß morgen Papatag ist, weil Mama auf die Arbeit muß. Johannas Kommentar: "Papa nicht zu arg ärgern, ist mein bester Freund!" - Die Welt ist nicht gerecht!
Ich werde heute wohl früh schlafen gehen.

Tomorrow, I'm off for another business trip to cologne. That means getting up at 4. a.m. to get the train at 6 a.m. to arrive in cologne at 9.30 a.m. And all this for just 3 hours of meeting. Nevertheless I propably won't be home before 8 p.m. I told the girls today, that tomorrow will be Daddy-day, because mom has to go to work and Johanna told me:"I won't annoy daddy, because he is my best friend!" - The world just isn't fair, isn't it?
Will go to bed very soon tonight.


  1. I know you must dread having to get up that early! That is so sweet what Johanna told you! I know that made your husband feel good :)

  2. Ute, I finally made it over to your blog. I have been a bit busy and my blog visiting has been at a minimum. I LOVE your blog! I can make out a few of your German words and that makes your blog so unique that you post in two languages! I am going to link you up to my site, I hope you get some visitors off of it! So happy you let me know you are visiting my site, I enjoy making new friends.


  3. Good luck with your work trip. I hope that it will go well. Children when they are young are quick to get over any concerns they have about mommy or daddy being away. Though it is still hard being away.

    Thanks for the note in my c-box!

  4. @connie
    I slept in the train so it was ok, but when the alarm got off this morning I couldn't believe it.

    I appreciate it that you put my blog on my linklist. I must admit, that sometimes I struggle with the english but that is a good practice too. I enjoy your blog as well, you have such good ideas.

    to be honest, sometimes I enjoy having a day off from the girls when I know they are happy with their dad. But on this occasions I would rather go shopping etc. then sit in useless meetings...

  5. @ellie
    and it is of course your linklist, not mine :-)))