Dienstag, 17. April 2007

To my blogger friends in the United States....

The massaker in Virginia's university is top news here in Germany. This is sooooo awfull!

All my thoughts are with the people over there that lost loved ones.
How horrible just to think, that your are sending your son, your daughter, your relatives to such a highly recommended university and they will die out of nothing.

Let me tell you, that over here we are speechless and are feeling with you.


  1. Yes, this is very heart breaking news all around. It has effected so many people. It really hits close to home. It isn't far from NS and even one of the professors shot used to be a professor at the university I went to back in /OO. And another used to be a french teacher at one of the nearby schools here in NS. Very sad and so futile. I don't understand it....and the more I try to understand why the more upsetting it is. Such a random event.

  2. Thanks you, Ute! It is a horrible thing that has happened! It only gets more sad the more we hear about this person and how this all could have been prevented!

  3. I agree Ute, it is a terrible act~why would a person do such a thing! It's heartbreaking & I truly feel sadness for all the families that lost loved ones. I agree w/Wendy~as more details come in about this person, it's just mind-boggling how it could have been prevented. My heart goes out to each & every family that lost loved ones.

  4. Ja, das war wirklch furchtbar und man kann es einfach nicht fassen zu was manche Menschein fähig sind.

    Ute, ich hab Dich getagged, ich hoffe es ist Dir recht? Wenn ja, dann schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei, da steht alles was Du wissen musst...