Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007

ein fauler Tag - a lazy day

Heute war ein echt fauler Tag bei uns, immerhin haben wir ja Urlaub. Wir sind um 10.00 Uhr (in worten: zehn!!!) aufgestanden und haben dann gefrühstückt. Nur kein Neid, natürlich waren die Schneckennasen früher wach, aber dank konsequenter Erziehung "LOL" haben die beiden so lange alleine gespielt.
Nach dem Frühstück haben wir so bis 12.00 Uhr überlegt, was wir mit diesem ja inzwischen schon leicht angegammelten Tag anfangen wollten und haben uns für einen Besuch im Biergarten entschieden. Heute war es nicht sooo warm aber warm genug für den Biergarten, eine Meinung, die nicht viele mit uns teilten. Urteilt selbst:

A lazy day today in the life of our family. We slept till 10 a.m. (in words: ten!!!!), don't forget we have holidays and then went to have some nice breakfast. But don't get too envious; of course, the girls woke up much earlier, but that are the blessings of twins, finally, the two of them played some odd games by themsleves.
After breakfast, we figured out what to do with that day, that was already "spoiled"for some serious action. That took as till 12.00 o' clock and then we decided to go to a near beergarden with a lovely playground for the girls. It was nice and warm weather for being outside, but obviously not warm enough for the masses, the place was empty. Check out yourself:


  1. Man, you would think there would have been more people out. I just love taking Jacob to the play ground. I bet the girls had a wonderful time.

    You all slept in till 10?! All that nice warm weather and activity outside must have done you in. I am usually happy when I can sleep till 7 and it is VERY rare when we sleep to 8. Jacob usually gets up the moment it hits 6:30AM. :S

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I also wanted to say that I LOVE the colors you have for your blog.

  3. Where is everyone? I can't believe nobody there's enjoying the playground!

    Sleeping in til 10. Now, I haven't done that in a longtime.