Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007

UNO Junior

Ich habe dieses Spiel per Zufall entdeckt und wir es ist inzwischen zu unserem Favoriten geworden. Eine vereinfachte Version des UNOs für Erwachsene mit den Figuren von Winnie Puuh. Johanna und Louisa hatten die Regeln gleich verstanden und können inzwischen auch die Zahlen voneinander unterscheiden. Wir spielen noch mit offenen Karten, aber das werden wir bald nicht mehr brauchen.

Besonders bei Restaurantbesuchen ist das Spiel ideal. Gestern waren wir griechisch essen und die Mädels haben mit einen Kindergartenkumpel, den wir zufällig getroffen haben, den ganzen Abend gepielt. Sie habe dabei nur wenig Unterstützung gebraucht.

Hier ein Link Amazon, wo man Preise und Regeln von UNO Junior nachlesen kann.

I found this game at random and it is our favourite right now. It is the junior version of the normal UNO with pictures of Winnie-the-Pooh. Johanna and Louisa understood the rules immediately and are already able to distinguish not only the colours, but also the figures. We still play with open cards.

Especially when we visit restaurants this game is perfect. Yesterday we went to a greek restaurant and the girls played all evenenig with a pre-school-friend we accidentially met there. They can play it on their own, with just a little help, but it is also fun for grown ups.

Hier is the Link to amazon, wer you can check out prices and rules of My First Uno.


  1. i love uno, and i love winnie the pooh on the cards. i went to amazon.com and unfortunately, right now, they're unavailable, so i'll check back later this week. thanx, my granddaughter will love them.

  2. Isn't UNO fun! I used to play it all the time with my little sisters....since then I think Jacob has goten a hold of the cards and there are some in a million different places of the house lol. Perhaps I should get a new set, out of his reach. I can't wait till Jacob is a little old. We can play games like memory and go fish etc.

  3. hi ute, thanx for stopping by my blog. to answer your question in helping you to understand my post a little better, what i was basically talking about is how life deals us situations and circumstances that's we're not always expecting or prepared for.

    through these situations and circumstances, we have to make decisions. sometimes we made good decisions, and sometimes we makes not-so-good decisions, but even the not-so-good decisions we make are learning experiences to teach us and help us move on in our life. it's taking the good with the bad and making the most of it.

    i hope this explains my post a little clearer; if not, let me know and i will break down the understanding some more. thank you for your kind comments. i'm glad you liked the post. i hope you're feeling a little more rested when you read this.