Samstag, 7. Juli 2007

I need to move, I need to wake up....

A post just in english today, my german blogger friends I guess understand this one and they will understand, why this is just in english.

We are watching all the concerts of "Live Earth" in the world today since we got up this morning. And I think the enviroment and the climate on this planet is worth a post. In Germany this is not a new issue, we deal with this things since a lot of time and I think we do a great job. But still, there are so many things that need to be done.

I challenge all of my blogger friends to tell me, what they are doing personally to protect the enviroment and what they plan to do in the future.

Here is my list, we already do:
  • Our new car is run by compressed natural gas
  • We switched to eco-power
  • Our house is a low-energy-house, in fall and spring we use our wooden oven
  • I try to buy just lokal products
  • I try to avoid frozen products
  • We have a programmable termostat that controlls the temperatures in the rooms during times we are not at home and do not need heating
  • We avoid the stand-by-modus

Here is what I plan to do in the future

  • I still use the dryer a lot. I will try to reduce this and use a clothline.
  • I still use the car for a lot of errands where I could easily walk, even with the girls. It will just take some time. I will try to do more errands by walking.


  1. ein Stöckchen für dich auf meinem Blog!

  2. I read this post within a couple days after you posted it but didn't get to watch the video~~til last nite. Justin & I watched the video & it's awesome! I need to be more diligent w/recycling & helping to improve the air myself! Good post Ute :)

  3. Great post. I am always excited when I see others who have a carer/concern for the pollution in the world. I try to do things but I know there are areas that I could work on for sure. I will have to post about this some time at the end of this week and share this with others' as well.

  4. hi ute, i don't have a car, so i either walk or have someone pick me up. my thermostat is controlled also only to come on when needed, and go off when the home is either cooled off or heated. i'll check to see what other things i can do to contribute also. i haven't watched the video clips from the concert yet, but i hope to get to it before the weekend is over.

  5. congratulations on being awarded the "rockin' girl" blogger award from shanilie. well deserved. keep rockin'.