Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007

Unheimlich ist....(Vol.1)

wenn man beim Bügeln auf einmal realisiert, dass man immer noch die Winnie Puuh DVD anschaut, die die Schneckennasen schon nach 10 Minuten langweilig fanden und sich bereits vor einer halben Stunde in den Garten abgesetzt haben.

Strange is...
when you realize while ironing the laundry, that you are still wachting the Winnie the Poh DVD, which the girls found boring after 10 minutes and left for playing in the garden half an hour ago.


  1. For me, ironing is such a mundane job and so I think I would probably forget what is going on around me and probably watch something like Winnie the Pooh without even knowing it. Incidentally, I like to listen to music with I am doing chores I don't much enjoy, I think it takes my mind of the chore that I am doing.

    I was wondering what the meaning is of Schneckennasen? I am guessing it means cute...something, but I am not sure. I asked my husband to see if he could figure it out because he can read German better than I can. I never had German classes, but the Amish do use the German Bibles in church. So, anyway, I was wondering what your title meant. :) I left you a comment about the ham/proscuitto too. :) I enjoy the dialog we have been having!

  2. Oh Ellie,
    Schneckennasen is word that does not really exist. I created it. "Schnecken" means snails, but in german this is also a word that you say to very cute young girls, like "chick"...
    And "nasen", well that simply means "noses". I always call the girls "Schneckennasen", when I making fun of them. It is a nickname

  3. Oh, that is so cute, your name. I thought it meant Pennsylvania Dutch cute is pronounced...shnuck... So, you have two cute noses..huh? That is so cute....

  4. Ok, I just reread my comment...too many cutes in there..I sound like a crazed person or something like that...I think you get the gist of what I meant though!