Dienstag, 2. September 2008

For my Bloggerfriends abroad!

For a long time this Blog was bilingual and I enjoyed doing this very much. So many friends joined and it was so much fun. But I took a long blogging break, just because personal things became more important, interests changed and I simply didn't have the time any more to update the blog on a regular basis. I just quit blogging.

But I missed it so much. And finally I realized, that there ist no need to post on a regular basis, that I decide, whether to post or not and this blog still might be interesting. For me, for family and friends. So I returned!

Unfortunately, I just couldn't find the time to blog in two languages....What a pity!

Wendy's comment last night reminded me, that all my blogging friends in other countries are so special to me, that I don't want to loose them.

So I keep on, posting in two languages. I promise!!!!
The posts that a written just in german will be updated soon.

I'm looking foward to your comments.

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